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Home healthcare has many uses. Some use it to regain their independence and allow their bodies to heal after an injury or illness. Others use it to maintain their current lifestyle as they manage health issues and aging. If you need home healthcare staffing services in Lexington, MA, look no further than Front Line Medical Group, LLC.

Our home care staffing agency reviews every applicant's previous experience, references, skills checklist, credentials, background check and vaccination status before sending them in for an interview.

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When it comes to home care, it's important to find a caretaker who is prepared to meet the needs of an injured or ill individual. Local organizations come to our home care staffing agency looking for:

  • Companion care workers -- companion care staff will do things like meal planning, scheduling appointments and providing sitter services
  • Personal care professionals -- personal care staff assist with daily tasks like eating, bathing, walking and using the bathroom
  • Skilled nursing care experts -- skilled nursing staff are trained to help with tasks like giving medications and injections

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